Real Cycling

Recently completed our local Evans Cycling Sportive, 35 miles out on the road with hundreds of other cycling enthusiasts, or at least people on bikes. A lot of us were using Strava or other similar devices to measure and track our performance.

A bit different to those who enter virtual races where the registration takes place online and you do the performance in your own time. The good news is that these things encourage certain runners and cyclists, as well as rewarding them with badges and T shirts – although its not really “been there and done it” is it!! – and many are for charity.

On the down side they’re just plain stupid, you’re not really doing the same distance in the same place, in the same conditions, at the same time, so really its just meaningless.

Almost the opposite was one of our cyclists who decided they couldn’t be bothered to register – fair enough there was a queue- and just went on the ride and finished the ride without getting an official time. Well it takes all sorts! At least they get to enjoy the main features of a sportive, cycling with loads of similar people and eating cake!. Wherever you are, whatever you do, happy pedalling.


Is it on Strava?

Strava. Like marmite you either love it or hate it.

Strava is an addictive app that enables you to track journeys, shows your route, provides time/distance data and compare with others. You can view other rides, runs and other stuff. I have even used it for canoeing trips, which I had to log as workouts as there isn’t actually a canoe option. I have taken to logging runs on it as it provides so much more data than the usual stopwatch, and there is something childishly pleasing about seeing your run appear on screen with a map and times.

I’m sure it can be used by real athletes to get credible coaching data but for now it’s a case of going for a run or cycle and setting the GPS to ready, to make sure that when the questions is “is it on strava” the answer is yes. It is. Been there, done that, and recorded it all on strava!