I do like to be beside the Seaside

At the moment I have a bit of a crush on these seascapes  from Sally-Anne Adams.

Sailing Boats, North Norfolk Coast
Beach Huts, Wells-Next-Sea, Norfolk.

I can feel and hear the sea when I gaze at these images. Can almost smell the salt of the sea and sense the shifting clouds re-creating shapes and memories. Where’s you favourite seascape? Have you never yet been to the sea – in for a treat when you do.


Where’s the sail?

The world’s largest SuperYacht has been announced. Its pretty massive and really is it a yacht? It looks just like a massive boat.

The old joke is that if you step down and it moves its a boat. If you step up and it doesn’t move, its a yacht. While yachts are seen as luxury recreational boats, they can be sail or motor (mostly both). But in some ways you expect a yacht to be able to sail. Superyachts are mammoths of the sea and are privately owned but professionally crewed. Still you’d expect them to be able to sail it every now and again.