Gym Bunny

So its that time of the year when “new year resolutions” get made. For many that message is “get fit, be healthier” and one big way is to join the gym.

That’s the easy bit over with. Joining the gym! As long as you afford the expense.

Then the kit buying, that occupies time and more expense.

Then the routine. Most gyms despite all the high tech are quite crap. A repetitive machine and mirrors, lots of mirrors. And as everyone else had the same new year resolution as you, and most seem to have office jobs just like you, they’re busy when you get there. Busy and Boring. Um.

When its winter its too dark to go out early mornings and its too dark and cold to go later in the evening. Suddenly that new year resolution looks shaky. Much better and easier to just get a hobby and get a routine. Go for a run, go for a swim, go for a cycle. Go for a walk. Less expensive than a gym and probably a whole lot better. Maybe a resolution for next year!