About Cultural Highlights…


There must be other people who like art, architecture, reading, taking photos and doing random sports. Well there you go, that’s what I’m about.

As I “pretend” I’m a writer (being a writer is for published authors and journalists) I’m keen to develop the discipline of regular writing, and a blog allows that in bite-sized pieces which suits me and my short-attention span! And yes I use exclamation marks much too often.

I try and write about things that interest me. My eclectic tastes include art, architecture, books and films, a bit about technology, as well as sports such as cycling, running and kayaking with other stuff just thrown in, a bit like life itself.

So have a read, let me know what you enjoy, and what you don’t, cos we can all learn. And I will try and return the favour as I’m as interested in what is out there, as much as getting my stuff out there.

Happy reading and blogging,



Header Image (top of page): Yes that is me. Paddling the red kayak on far left, in the yellow cag. River courtesy of the River Thames, Central London. Although it might look flat, its tidal (very at times, about twice a day!) and the large river cruisers add their own degree of fun to navigation.