New Art Gallery in MK


The re-designed Milton Keynes Gallery recently re-opened allowing visitors the first chance to see changes from the £12m refit. From the outside it is unprepossessing. With its increased girth, the small silver cube has become a large silver box. Inside though the increased space has created more room for exhibitions while still being compact. This is one Gallery you don’t exhaust yourself in with endless room after room of tight packed artwork. Upstairs via concrete steps and primary coloured steelwork you ascend to the Sky Room, a flexible open space for events and activities that can even double up as a cinema. It has stunning views over Campbell Park and the Buckinghamshire countryside.


The current exhibition is Lie of the Land. Like the architecture, it is a quirky mix of the eclectic without being too domineering or demanding. With street plans on Turkish rugs, Greenham Common banners, Brian Milne’s iconic MK Bench Seat, photographs of roundabout signs with no names (MK was being built), and including a classic, “The Derby Day” by William Powell Frith, it is a visual feast and well curated. With a smart giftshop and a tidy café this is one gallery it is a delight to visit. There is free entrance, so no excuses not to visit the shiny new art gallery in Central Milton Keynes.


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