One Large Vessel

A gigantic new sculpture has been unveiled in New York City, designed by the exciting Heatherwick group. The giant walkway resembles an escherian staircase, a vision from MC Esher interpreted for the 21st Century. This very public centrepiece in Hudson Yards – a new development on Manhattan’s upper west side that sits above a huge rail yard – is a stand-out filigree of walkways and landings, a huge spiral staircase which from the top, after a mile long walk, offers views over the Hudson river and afar.

Heatherwick, the Vessel, Hudson Yard, NYC

The 150ft-tall structure comprises 2,500 steps on 159 interconnecting flights of stairs. Filling this colossal public space the “Vessel” offsets its bulking structure with the millennial-friendly colour of rose gold, a soft pink tone of polished copper, that seems to glow day or night.

Hudson Yard, Heatherwick’s the Vessel

The Hudson Vessel.

A little like the nearby “High Line” this is a promenade, for people to share and enjoy. While the appellation the “Vessel” seems temporary, it does somehow seem appropriate, offering a journey through space. But, if it does have to be renamed, it would be nice to include some influence of what was there before, the industrial heritage of the railyards and nearby dockworks.







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