Glorious Silverstone

When under Bernie Ecclestone’s fiefdom Formula One (F1) did exactly what he wanted. Now Liberty Media have taken over with the intention of even grosser global billing for F1. But a cold, wet, drab racing circuit in Northamptonshire, England seem to have provoked them, with Liberty Media trying to sound almost trump-like with outraged faux-innocence that a “deals a deal”, even if it wasn’t done with them.

It seems like other race circuits around the world get financial support to host the smart, glossy world that is F1. While the British Grand Prix resolutely loses money every year. Now in a bit of negotiation lifted from other high spending sports like football, the small upstart has announced they would like to re-negotiate the deal. In a bit of machiavellian mischief they actually managed to time this at an opportune moment. Directly before this year’s F1 British Grand Prix, and while Liberty Media themselves were courting yet-again the idea of holding a grand prix around the streets of London.

Q: Is a Grand Prix around London an entertaining concept that will attract hordes of visitors: Yes.

Q: Will it happen: No.

Even better, while the entire F1 circus turned up to trumpet the idea with a day in London, Lewis Hamilton was missing. Giving a valid excuse, much like the old “I can’t do PE, here’s a note from my mum” Lewis claimed he was getting prepared for the race. It would be far too slick and un-English to imagine that this could possibly be a slight to the concept and tacit support for the British Grand Prix continuing at Silverstone, a circuit with such a racing history long admired by true racers such as Lewis Hamilton.

And then, even better than that, Lewis Hamilton started in pole position and thrashed the others to win this premium brand event, and just about catch up to Vettel who is currently leading the championship. Blimey, I never knew we could pull off a show like that. We’re well worth the money! Liberty Media give in now, charge us threepence for the race and be done with it.




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