The Welsh Beach Boys are Surfin USA

It sounds like an April the first spoof. An artificial surf lagoon has been built in Wales. So you can go surfin in Wales without hitting the beach or the sea!

Built on the site of an old aluminium works on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park in Conwy valley in North Wales it provides newbies with the chance to learn without endless trashing, as well as offering a consistent wave (it can be changed) that can suit all types.

Given the vagaries of the weather and surf, and with added attractions like warm changing rooms, it could be a winner at this new outdoor enthusiast attraction. Mind you it will have to work – they have already had to close it and drain the 6 million gallons of water to fix a fault since it opened on 1st August – Dunno what the fault was, maybe sharks in the water?

Of course they will need to recoupt their costs of such a monumental structure – some £12M…maybe surfers will expect sunshine as well but come on this is wales after all!


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