Cav is Back

July. And so it must be the Tour de France (TdF). After falling off last year Cav is back and after a few fast and furious sprints, where he missed out, he is now back to winning in style.

Froome is also back after crashing out last year, and after the team time trial it will be up in the mountains. Time for the grand challengers to show their form and try to beat froome, who looks on form, and Contador, who is rated highly after winning the Giro (the other grand tour in Italy, held back in May). Nibali is there and Quintana, both of whom have lost vital time in mis-judging the breaks on the fast and demanding long flat stages in the fast-paced hectic first week. But the mountains will be where the real action is and huge chunks of time can be lost and gained, by strength, tactics, response to the weather, and sheer luck (or ill-luck). Allez, allez!


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