Canoeing – The right to paddle

This article is a year old but the issue remains the same, do canoeists have the right to paddle on rivers?

For those who don’t know it might be unexpected that there is an issue at all. We can all walk on pavements. Why can’t we all paddle the rivers? That’s without accounting for vested interests. So for now the issue is confused, complicated and prone to harassment and hostility between the different parties. Curiously enough another sport and activity I love, cycling, is prone to the same issues, with some car riders prone to shout “get off the road” and some cyclists prone to say cycle paths should not be used, as cyclists are entitled to be road users.

While being courteous and polite is good, its too easy to be challenged by the occasional hostile person and start to feel nervous and anxious which can lead to anger or just get hostile in turn. Its not a virtuous cycle! Sadly I’m now realising that running has a similar polarity with dog walkers. If not their giant extended leads that get you, its the jumping up at you with the “he’s only being friendly”.

It would be nice to just get out and paddle. Or run. Or cycle. And not to be shouted at while doing it.


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