Level 2 Training

Having completed my L2 training in February, in harsh winter conditions where the air temperature went from -12 to -14 while I was driving there, and where day two meant chopping thru ice to get on the water,it was great to actually get back on the water recently and do some proper paddling.

Just got back from two days on the lovely river wye, paddling a canadian which was great experience in paddling a different craft for me, for a sustained period rather than my usual quick jaunt on the lake. The weather was great too, warm and bright and so the club spent an idyllic two days out on the water just paddling. And I got my first experience of white water in a canadian doing solo on the yat which was also great fun. The season is just about to start so now need to sort out my training plans to get thru my level two. Happy days!


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