Of’t South Pole

Some people just like to over commit themselves on new year’s resolutions. So it is that Helen Skelton, the Blue Peter children’s presenter is about to launch a 500 mile journey to the South Pole. It’s an extreme endeavour especially for someone who has chosen to cycle the route! Well at least cycle part of the way.

It would be easy to dismiss this as a Captain Scott type endeavour, but then this is the same person who completed a record-breaking 2,000 mile voyage by kayak down the length of the Amazon. Depending upon all sorts of things they hope get to the south pole within 3 weeks – though it could take a lot longer! Apparently they have been there a while acclimatising – my version of that would be sitting in front of a log fire for as long as possible! The CBBC website will let you keep track of their adventures. Remarkable.


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