Bigger is better!

The tallest building in the world has opened in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa, is a dizzying 828 metres high, it has all those essentials you need in a building like fast lifts and a swimming pool. You can even pay to go and have a look inside it, so that’s nice of them. Looking at it, it does seem a bit bare despite the architecture – I think they should have taken some ideas from urban ruraralism, which provide green spaces on the top or sides of buildings. But that’s only my view – and apparently there are over 6 billion other views out there!

The world population is apparently over 7 billion and the BBC has a nifty app that lets you review where you are on this scale. The graphics show a steady population of about 500 Million through from the middle ages until the 18th century and then escalating up to the 7 billion in 2011. Its like the old “how many people can you get inside a car”, how many people can you get inside the tallest building in the world!


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