Cycling heat-wave!

While the developing countries are abandoning their bicycles and flocking to cars it’s time for a comeback for the humble cycle. While the occasional trend bounces cycling into the limelight at the moment there seems to be a plethora of cycling activity. First, Hertz introduces their electric bike rental scheme in London

Meanwhile Lusaka-based Zambikes are building bikes for sale around the world – and they’re made out of bamboo – sorry panda’s. Of course if you don’t have a panda you can always take some dogs for company, as the inspiriring cycling gypsies.

While in Brazil – the Bicicloteca is a tricycle adapted to function as a mobile library, distributing books to disadvantaged areas. Talking about it being more than a form of personal transport, in Holland they have a Pedal-equipped school bus powered by kids, de Cafe Racer maybe a new cycle to work scheme!

There’s only one thing left to do – time to get on your bike. And to do that Levis have created the commuter jeans – The new Commuter series from Levi’s offers jeans that are designed specifically with urban cyclists in mind so they tell us! See you on the road, cycle lane, or muddy pathway or wherever.


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