Bees boost work morale or not!

You have to be careful when you scan read as fast as I do – not that I’m accomplished at this, it’s not a skill in my case more a wavering in-attentiveness – so when I first read this “London offices offered bee hives to ‘boost work morale’” being somewhat of a cynic I assumed this would be negative reinforcement along the lines of “Smith, go and stand in the rain with the smokers and try not to get bitten by the bees and then fall ill with an allergy while I consider your low performance review”

Instead the articles goes on to say this idea is to be seen as an employee benefit – um I’m not convinced about having your place of work surrounded by marauding bees! Helpfully they added “To ensure there is enough food from the off we’ve been filling five bike-lock planters with bee-friendly flowers since last autumn” so that’s all right then – oh no hold on if they adopt an equally cycle-friendly approach and adopt a cycle to work scheme that means every time you drop your cycle off you risk attack from bunch of bees – although somebody will assure you they are “docile ones” so those stings will hardly affect you then!

No I think having an deranged lion in the HR room is best motivation and just leave the bees alone, indeed leave them where they are in our gardens at home, and not force us to bring them to work.


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