There’s an app for that…

Having left my IT background a few years ago, I sometimes stumble across some techie talk that I still appear to comprehend – desktop managed services, which was like a statement in my day and now just sounds like jargon. But now I’ve moved into the electrical area and words like PLC and HMI’s are everyday phrases, and you start to come to terms with a new set of jargon. But at least if you don’t understand these terms at least you have an inkling of what they mean, I mean PLC and HMI sounds as if they do something right? But sometimes you come across another industry or profession and abruptly that gap widens and you realise that you have no idea whatsoever what they are talking about – and so it was I came across MHT technology who do “LNG peak shaving”.

I’m sorry they do what? I can’t even make an un-educated guess what that is. I mean given the context is that a physical thing that they do to something, or a stage in a process or the whole process, or is it a thing – “LNG peak shaved for sale to good home” , or a service so that people go around saying “here’s your LNG peak shaved” – and you say “oh thank you very much”, or is it some technical wizardry that creates a “peak” that is somehow “shaved”, or some technological wonder like NASA where boffins go around saying “I’m glad we can orbit humans up into space but I wouldn’t want to risk LNG peak shaving”.

Fortunately of course there are people who do understand these things and the California energy commission gives a really useful bluffers guide – But what happens when there aren’t people around who understand such things. Will it be like losing your instructions for the IKEA cabinet so it ends up looking like a umbrella stand or will it improve things or will we re-create such things all over again. The problem is I still don’t really know what LNG peak shaving is, sure I understand the words I just don’t grasp what it actually means. Still when we run out of people who know what it means and can actually do it, well apple (or someone) will have an app for that.


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