Preserving or varnishing over the cracks?

English Heritage has called for the whole of Plymouth city centre to become a designated conservation area. It’s not April 1st and it is on the BBC – so it must be true. Why? While others reckon the unsightly concrete monstrosities need to fall down and be rebuilt on, others reckon the rebuild that happened solely because of the damage during the second world war means that Plymouth is “unique” with the whole of its centre completely rebuilt during the 1950’s. There’s even a website celebration of art-loving buildings and what with the formidable and effusive Kevin Mcloud supporting the idea, preserve in aspic is it. Although a worried Plymouth City council says “English Heritage must recognise that there needs to be a careful balance between preserving our past and planning for a prosperous future”. Or maybe what with there being a book (from English Heritage), and a film (well artworks and videos) maybe it’s all just a bit of commercialism. Never having visited the place it’s hard to comment but anyplace that has a Lido must be worth preserving, maybe just not all of it!


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