Hotel Bookings

Having determined we needed to visit Preston to suss out the Uni there, we needed to book an inexpensive hotel overnight. We’d settle for an expensive hotel doing a cheap deal tho’! As we needed two rooms it made everything twice as expensive – can’t wait for Tesco to do hotels, you know, “buy one get one free”!

Having ages to get the best deal I was so pre-occupied with doing this that I missed the best offer which was to book a month in advance with the likes of Travelodge. With increasingly less weeks to go I started to rely upon the late bookings site to get the best deal. Fortunately we had a discount for one of the big chains and that offered a really good discount againt the standard prices and looked like a winner if nothing else came up.

Having signed up for another one of the chains i was trying to get a best deal on that, except the best deal was always better on the public site, and often said they had spaces, whereas when i tried the “preferred site” they often said no availability. Unfortunately, the public site would have its own idiosyncratic ways, as their price would fluctuate. So with two weeks to go i was still waiting on the best deal, starting to have a niggling feeling that I’d end up paying full price somewhere just to get in!

So with a week to go I was sure the next time my chain had a deal i would book it – with five days to go their price stayed as it was. I figured maybe with less days to go they would change and drop the price – No it didn’t – So while i needed to book quick i also didn’t want to pay a higher price than was strictly necessary. With two days to go I went to book and decided against it – give it one more day! Had a sneak look at work in morning and still price remained – mindlessly checking it in the afternoon the price had gone down! Ah book it now! Except I didn’t have my details with me – so got home that evening and fortunately the lower price was still on offer – booked that, and Job done. Checked the next day and the price has gone back up and stayed there. What’s that all about then! I do know this experience means I would be rubbish on ebay, I just can’t take the pace. Better start thinking about booking summer holidays i suppose!


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