Michelin Tyres

Always being a convert to Michelin tyres, I know its going to be a bit of an expense whenever I need some new tyres. After a heavy winter I needed two new front tyres so thought i’d better try and shop around.

You’d think it would be quite easy to replace the tyres but you need to faff around with exact tyre sizes and then you get a mutitude of different ones to opt for (the cheapest?). After google search (what did we do before that!)I realised that a lot of the codes on tyre relate to the speed rating. So for mine it meant “R” represents a speed rating up to 106mph, “T” is 118 mph, “H” is 130 mph and “V” is 150 mph. Of course the prices go up as the speed rating, so let me have a quick thought – oh i know as i drive like Mr Magoo and the national speed limits are 70 mph I’lle opt for the R rating! Then I had a look at some websites for prices and a lot had “call for our best price” and “this weeks special offer are 4 Pirelli tyres” but I don’t want 4 of anything!

I had a look at the actual Michelin website and they seemed to have quite a good deal using their preffered provider which turn out to be one of those vans that come to you. Which could be a good idea if you know that they are any good. There was actually quite a lot of these “vans-to you” service and their prices went from as low-as-you-can-get to a lot higher than a normal tyre shop. I wanted tracking done as well and as wasn’t sure whether these people could do that decided to stick with a real bricks & mortar shop.

While doing that tho I came accross the likes of ATS who do have real places in certain locations then use vans for areas like mine so that was a bit in-between! As you had to book online I wasn’t sure I wanted to try that out, it being a lot easier for me to just drive down to my local tyre shop.

Which in the end I did, because when i called them for a quote they told me they did price-matching and would go with the lowest quote from a real shop nearby. So I got the best price, maybe not the exact lowest, but one that was affordable and convenenient. And I get to go back in a few weeks to check the tracking is still all OK.


One thought on “Michelin Tyres

  1. Anonymous February 6, 2011 / 8:05 pm

    Hello all, this is my first post here, just getting familiar with the place!


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