Changing (Faster) Times

Before getting back on-line I had to wade through ol’ bits of paper to find essential email addresses and logins etc. While doing this came upon some real ol stuff back in 2000 when I was almost an early-adopter of technology with a 56 modem (can one be a “late early adopter”?)

I found a load of stuff about ordering online from Tesco, the online supermarket, when you loaded the order from and onto a Tesco CD rom, and then uploaded the order (that itself could take 10-15 minutes) via the internet. If you wanted the latest offers and new items you also needed to download these first, again on the old connection you could go and make yourself a cup of coffee (and some home baked biscuits) while it was trying to struggle online. So performance has certainly improved, you forget – it really wasnt that long ago!

So off now to use my other new essential bit of modern kit – the shredder to chew up the paper and scatter into my compost bin. And yes I did buy that from tesco, but no not online – wanted to see it for real before buying. Ah modern and old technology – isnt is great!


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