wimbledon priority week

So in the same week that it was officially a heatwave in merry ol’ blighty, Wimbledon has been stopped due to rain. Um…sounds like a typical English summer to me!

Interestingly heatwaves are like priorities – there are different levels of them. As anyone who has ever called a help desk will have learnt to their cost. “Priority sir, certainly Sir” – Blithely you think you’re now near the top of the queue. You’re not even on the list. Well you are but below “clean the bird cage out”. Make sure you find out what the levels are, not only may there be priority levels above priority one, but there may be grades of priority one. Oh just call a help desk and find out!

Anyway heatwaves are the same. In this case Monday was a heatwave category three. The only thing more serious was category four – an emergency. Actually as we know now the only thing worse is the weather changing and it being hot and wet as opposed to hot and dry. Well at least I mowed the lawn (priority one last weekend).


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