twenty-four seven

Well the internet is 24/7, but I’m not, so had the weekend off and here I am again Monday morning. I’m rather in agreement with my friend, who provides technical support, as he says, 24/7 between the hours of 9-5!

We need our downtime and this obsession with having everything available all the time is self-defeating. As we rely more and more on unlimited access to everything from supermarkets to service help, it creates an unrealistic demand on ourselves and on each other. What started out as flexible working soon transforms into the modern equivalent of shift work. That useful tool, the mobile becomes a slavish necessity. People start to never switch off, and then find they’re stressed out. And in reality this “always-on” isn’t that great. Sure the shops are open, but then they only get one or two deliveries a day, so all the fresh bread is sold out by the time you get there at 10pm!

So what are we gonna do about it? Well I for one am moving my daily blog to a weekly one, freeing up my time for some more “quality time” with myself. Try it, be selfish, don’t answer that email, switch off that mobile. Ah bliss, the peace.


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