carbon copy all

Its interesting to view the response from the recent networking event i took part in last friday. It was aimed at a bunch of us interactive types so youd think we’d be quite good at following up – after all it was about NETWORKING.

First, no-one hurriedly got on their PDA and tipped us an email (well maybe they did but didnt include me) late friday. Some enterprising sorts actually did some stuff over the weekend, well done them, but then I wasnt around to get it til Monday, when my inbox was pretty full anyway!

No, most managed to get thro’ the weekend and start thinking about it Monday – as did I.
I sent the same missive with a few variations one by one. Thats polite isnt it? Replies varied from a mass email response (great to meet you whoever you where) to a “proper” reply. Nice one you know who you are!

By Tuesday things got desperate with the late-comers either mass mailing us – who wants to see loads of email addresses in the “To” list. Besides which, I dont want people seeing my email mass mailed around. At least learn bcc guys! Worse still by this time we were getting the corporate war & peace (this from small business people) with endless attached pdf’s (yeh right im gonna download and read that, thanks) and assorted messages with attached jpg’s png’s and doc and pdf’s – any more three letter acronyms available people? Now its eased off, still waiting for a mega unique tailored offer email. But then maybe I should look at my own. Off i go.


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